DebateSensei is Designed to Help Solve Problems for Debate Students and Instructors

The only thing more difficult than studying argumentation, is teaching it. Instructors face a number of different formats, and an infinite amount of approaches. Traditional publishing companies do not design content to handle the variety of lessons, topics, concepts, and exercises that the modern argumentation course offers. The DebateSensei project is an attempt to fix that. We craft entire courses around content that individual instructors select. It the content doesn’t exist, we make it. We attempt to keep up with the ways that current events add to debate topics. With experienced instructors, and former competitors, DebateSensei seeks to celebrate all forms of debate learning and practice.

For Argumentation Students

  • We simplify, and visually represent concepts that are otherwise scrawled on a whiteboard and crammed into a single class session.
  • We provide uniform, contiguous lessons that are referenced and organized together to build on a linear foundation, rather than a patchwork instructional approach.
  • We craft modular lessons that can be watched or re-watched at any pace for any learning style.
  • We create supplementary instructional material.  After a missed lesson, or just a difficult lesson, instructors can point students to Debatesensei is a resource  for extra help.
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For Argumentation Instructors

  • We offer support for every facet of course design: curriculum, learning management systems, assignments, grading, and more.
  • We support the ‘Flipped Classroom’ approach to standard debate lessons. Instructors that use our content create class time which focuses on practice and engagement rather than lecture.
  • We can create any lesson on any topic appropriate to argumentation instruction.
  • We cover the fundamental concepts, so instructors can speak on ideas unique to the topics they feel are most interesting.
  • Check out our Test Course!