Modernizing the Argumentation and Debate Classroom

All argumentation and debate instructors, at one point, become aware of the unique challenges that come with teaching the subject. One of the more prominent problems is balancing lecture time and practice time. DebateSensei is a project that solves the lecture/practice dilemma by recording some of the more fundamental argumentation and debate lessons so students can conveniently review the lessons as often as they want. Covering basic concepts allows instructors the flexibility to use face-to-face time to apply concepts to current events.

Argumentation and debate instructors also have a uniquely diverse number of teaching methods. Instructors often have a hard time finding a single textbook that fits their needs. Debatesensei’s modular design allows instructors to choose if they want to exclusively use Debatesensei content, or to simply include the content as supplementary material. Instructors can submit requests for specific material.

Online Courses

Free Sample Course

We are busy creating a Learning Management System that is dedicated to online argumentation and debate instruction. Using Debatesensei.com, students will have access to our entire textbook and corresponding Video Lessons. All of these services are set up with modern student in mind and are able to be accessed by either mobile device or computer.

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Composing Arguments, Argumentation Textbook Amazon

For instructors that are looking for a better approach to teaching argumentation, the textbook that we offer is the answer.

IT’S HERE! Our Third Edition Textbook with fully integrated video learning. Through Debatesensei.com, the new book will come with an extensive video series with corresponding chapter exercises and assessment. The 3rd Edition is fully integrated with our video series maximizing the student experience. Specifically, using a flipped class model, we facilitate interaction both in class and online allowing more opportunities for students to actually prepare and execute the concepts taught. Integrating the online learning management, syllabus and instructional design, the textbook guides you through a successful semester with debate.

Video Lessons

DebateSensei offers a library of instructional videos specifically tailored for argumentation and public speaking classes. Some of the topics covered in our course work include:

Argumentation and Debate


  • Interpreting Resolutions
  • Organization / Outlining
  • Refutation / Rejoinder
  • Questions / Cross Examination


  • Stock Issues
  • Case Construction
  • Answering Disadvantages
  • Advanced Affirmatives


  • Presumption
  • Disadvantages
  • Counterplans
  • Advanced Negative Strategies


Public Speaking and Individual Events


  • Types of speeches / Delivery
  • Vocalics / Kinesics
  • Language / Word Economy
  • Audience Analysis


  • Selecting a topic
  • Research
  • Using evidence in speeches
  • Using Visual Aids


  • The Persuasive Speech
  • The Impromptu Speech
  • The Cultural Artifact Speech




Our Curriculum Includes:

  • Simplified abstract concepts through animated lessons.
  • Exercises
  • Recorded example debates / Updated analysis of world events.

Different Packages Include:

  • Lessons for a semester-long argumentation and public speaking courses focusing on:
    • Communication Theory
    • Practical knowledge
    • Integrated with Canvas and other education web platforms.
  • A must for competitive speech and debate teams
    • A vital tool for teaching new recruits
    • Updated relevant content analyzing current events.
    • Fast track to a tournament ready team.
  • A complete lecture series for a summer debate camp
    • Instruction
    • Exercise
    • Assessment

We are always developing new instructional videos and debate commentary!

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