Refund Policy

For any refund requests, please email and we will work with you to process a refund.

Credit Card charges will appear as ProtoCommunications on billing statements. If any issues do arise, please email us instead of requesting a charge-back from your credit card company. Charge-backs hurt our ability to offer services online and we can always work out a refund arrangement with you faster and more easily than a bank charge-back.

In general full refunds are available for requests made in the first week of the course. Every week thereafter there is a 10% prorated decrease in refund.

Week of Class Refund
1 100%
2 90%
3 80%
4 70%
5 60%
6 50%
7 40%
8 30%
9 20%
10 10%
11+ Refunds not available*

*email for extenuating circumstances, we are glad to work with you


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