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We take pride in the content that we create, and are constantly working on improvements. Despite our best efforts, sometimes the controls for this course can get confusing. The purpose of this learning unit is to provide instructions so you can easily use the course. So, you may want to reference the material in this unit in the upcoming weeks.

Note that you can see when each unit is scheduled on the course page. Keep in mind, that some units take more time than others. Most of this unit is available before you purchase the material because it helps explain some of the methods we use to manage the course. If you get redirected, that means you are not logged in as a student. Also, any quizzes that you complete without being signed in will not be recorded. In short, we highly recommend purchasing the material as soon as possible so you can start earning credit.

Each unit begins with a brief explanation of what students should expect. This page is intended to give a quick foundation for the unit’s lessons (as textbook might do), prepare students for their assignments and quizzes, as well as, cover student learning outcomes.

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